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A Strange Journey Begins With A Single Step (To The Right) 2/3  
Title:A Strange Journey Begins With A Single Step (To The Right)
Pairing:Jared/Jensen; (Brief)Jensen/Justin Hartley; Jared/Tom Welling
warnings/Enticements:cross-dressing of the Drag variety
Summary:In which Jensen's life is turned upside down in only 24 hours after an encounter with Jared.
Author's Notes: Inspired by the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but by no means a strict retelling.

Special thank yous have to go out to [livejournal.com profile] candygramme for her beta skills. And to [livejournal.com profile] kinkajou for her spectacular art. Thank you, ladies. You are stars!

He wasn’t sure what woke him, wasn’t even sure how long he had been asleep. What he did know was that he was no longer in bed alone. A warm body was pressed tight against him, an arm slid around his waist, and lips were grazing his pulse point. He inhaled deep, and his eyes snapped open. That was not Justin’s scent. Justin had been wearing the same cologne for years. The scent that tickled Jensen’s nose was soft and feminine. He hadn’t locked the door before he had gone to bed, and anyone could have taken that as invitation to join him—Crystal had warned of that possibility—but he had a strong suspicion who it was.


A sly throaty laugh rumbled from his bedmate. Most certainly Ima. Jensen should bolt from the bed, let Ima know her advances were not wanted. Jensen had a boyfriend, and they were monogamous! But the words caught in his throat along with his heart. Ima’s embrace was strong, and she radiated heat that soaked into Jensen, warming and relaxing him.

Ima nuzzled the join of Jensen’s neck and shoulder, her beard stubble was scratchy and titillating. Jensen wondered if she was still in full drag or had perhaps changed for bed.

“What…. what are you doing?”

“Nothing. Why? Do you think I should?”

“I…have a boyfriend.” He thought he did anyway. “And so do you: Tommy. What about him?”

That sensual laugh again, and it made Jensen shudder in Ima’s strong arms. “Tommy isn’t my boyfriend, he was just a dalliance.” Her lips skimmed along Jensen’s neck up to his ear. “Been awhile since I had a “boyfriend”. And where is your boyfriend, sugar?”

“I don’t wanna talk about him.”

“We don’t gotta talk at all, but I do like my lovers to be…. vocal.”

Jensen turned in Ima’s embrace, but Ima pushed Jensen onto his back, and lifted Jensen’s legs high and wide apart, so his heels rested on her broad powerful shoulders. Ima’s fox eyes glittered in the light. She was indeed dressed for bed. Gone was the bustier she’d had on earlier to be replaced by a slinky teal babydoll nightdress and matching panties, Jensen could make out the ridge of her cock as it swelled. She still wore her fishnets and garters, and that pleased Jensen. Those sensational legs needed to be showcased by the stockings. She wasn’t wearing makeup anymore, and Jensen was unsure once again what pronouns to use. With or without makeup Ima was still gorgeous with her chiseled jaw and sharp cheekbones. There was a prettiness that blended with her masculine features, and she was more beautiful because of it.

“You seem confident I’ll sleep with you.”

Ima wrapped Jensen’s legs around her waist and leaned down, her palms flat on the bed taking her weight. She brushed her mouth across Jensen’s in the ghost of a kiss that had Jensen aching for more. His cock was twitching, filling with blood.

“Mmmm,” Ima rumbled and rolled her hips against Jensen, their hardening cocks brushing together through their underwear. “Baby, I know you want me. You wanted me the moment you saw me. But, then, I am pretty irresistible.”

Excitement and arousal kindled inside him. He reached out and gripped Ima’s bicep, feeling the hard muscle under the soft smooth skin. Damn what kind of moisturizer did he use?

Ima stilled her hips, fixed Jensen with an implacable gaze. “Tell me to leave. Right now, and I’ll go. Cross my heart.” And she did with one painted fingernail.

Jensen licked his lips. What was he doing? Why was he hesitating? He had a boyfriend. Justin was somewhere in this house. Was he really going to betray six years of commitment, and for what? A few minutes of pleasure and excitement with a stranger? More pleasure than you’ve ever gotten or likely to ever get from Justin. Besides, Justin need never know. Just one time, one night of hedonistic pleasure, and he could live off it the rest of his life.

“No. Don’t go. Fuck me, Ima. I want you to fuck me.”

Ima covered Jensen’s body with his own, pushing Jensen deeper into the mattress, mouth a hairsbreadth away. “If I’m going to fuck you, I want you to scream my name, my real name.”

Jensen’s heart raced. He breathed in the sweet scent of Ima’s perfume and the heady scents of arousal and sweat. He licked his lips. God, he just wanted Ima to close those last few millimeters between them and kiss him. “And that is…?”

“Jared, sugar. My name is Jared.” Jared’s mouth descended on Jensen’s, hard and insistent, tongue plunging into Jensen’s mouth, sucking the breath from his lungs and making his head spin. He wrapped his arms around Jared, pulled him closer and kissed back with all the passion he could muster, hips rocking up against Jared’s. He slid his hands up the man’s broad back, feeling the muscles shift under the skin to knot his fingers in his long hair, soft and as silky as the babydoll he wore.

Jared broke the kiss to pull the nightdress off over his head, baring his well-muscled chest and chiseled abs to Jensen’s eyes. Jensen's gaze traveled down Jared's lean torso and caught on a tattoo on Jared’s hip, just above where his silk panties sat low. The tattoo was a heart with a dagger through it, with the word Boss written above it in thin script.

“Big Springsteen fan?”

Jared laughed before he kissed Jensen again. He nipped at Jensen’s bottom lip, tongue flickering out to soothe the sting. “Taste amazing, mouth so pretty and made for my kisses. Should let me put some lipstick on you and make a mess by kissing it away.” He moved in a sinuous roll, the hard ridges of their cocks rubbing together through their underwear. Jensen was so hard, harder than he’d ever been, cock an aching pulse between his thighs.

Jared broke their kiss, a big, ringless hand slid down between their bodies to palm Jensen’s cock. “Wanna get my mouth on this. Bet it’s just as pretty as the rest of you.”

"Yes, Jesus. Yes. Suck me, suck me.” Jensen’s voice was a lust-clogged rasp he didn’t recognize.

Jared pressed little hungry kisses along Jensen’s jaw, down his neck, nibbling and licking. His pulse pounded in expectation of what was to come.

He kissed down to Jensen’s chest, stopping to tongue at a nipple, licking and gently biting, until it was hard and sensitive before moving to give the other the same attention. Jensen moaned and arched into it, electric current arced through him, lighting him up. God, how did he get to the age of twenty-three and not know he liked his nipples played with. What else didn’t he know about himself?

Jared moved lower, tongue tracing the lines of Jensen’s abs and following the trail of strawberry blond hairs below his navel. He tugged Jensen’s boxerbriefs down and off, so that his cock slapped up against his belly, sticky precome at the tip.

Jared licked his lips, a hungry look in his eyes. “Knew it’d be pretty,” he murmured before leaning in and burying his face in the soft curls at the base of Jensen’s cock, tongue snaking out to lick his balls before sucking them into his mouth one by one.

“Oh fuck,” Jensen gasped, overwhelmed by sensation.

Jared raised his head. “We’ll get there, baby. Don’t worry.” He went back to nosing at Jensen’s balls, rooting around like there was nothing else he’d rather do than smother himself with Jensen’s balls, tonguing them with soft, teasing kitten-licks.

His cock twitched and another burst of precome leaked from the slit. Jared tore himself away from Jensen’s balls and mouthed along the length of his cock, working up to the wet tip. His gaze caught and held Jensen’s as he lapped at the head of his dick. Jensen was not prepared for what that did to him, how it made heat rush through him and arousal spike higher. Jared curled his hand around the base of Jensen’s thick shaft, flicked his tongue across the slit before taking it into his mouth and applying gentle suction, tongue teasing the underside and the cluster of nerves there. Jensen cried out. His hips jerked forward, dick slipping deeper into Jared’s mouth and hitting the back of his throat. Jensen stilled, not wanting to push or turn Jared off.

Jared pulled off with a lewd sound and pinned Jensen with his intense gaze. “Don’t gotta take it easy on me, sugar. Do whatever you wanna do. I can take it. Just give yourself over to absolute pleasure.”

Jensen groaned as Jared took him back into his hot mouth, sucking, slurping, moaning around Jensen’s dick as if he couldn’t get enough of the feel and taste, cheeks hollowing with each bob. Jensen levered himself up on his elbows and watched Jared suck him, his thick cock sliding in and out, Jared's lips stretched wide around his length, lashes fluttering in enjoyment, hand between his thighs palming his dick through his panties.

Jensen twisted his fingers in Jared’s hair and thrust up, tentatively forcing his cock into Jared's throat. Jared took it and swallowed around the girth clogging his throat. Jensen let go and fucked Jared’s mouth with sharp jerks of his hips. Jared’s moans answered his own. The vibrations traveled up his cock and pushed Jensen closer to the edge. He wanted to hold off, wanted this to last, but Jared was pulling out all the stops; mouth, lips, and tongue an irresistible force, pushing him closer and closer to orgasm, blood on fire in his veins.

A few more bobs and Jensen’s gut tightened. Another and Jensen’s balls pulled tight. Jared sank down until his nose was buried in Jensen’s pubes, hummed, and that was fucking it. He came with an exultant shout, hips jerking of their own volition as he spilled down Jared’s throat. Pleasure crackled through every fiber of him, leaving him weak and breathless.

Panting with aftershocks, Jensen felt pleasure receding like the storm. Jared released Jensen’s cock, mouth red and swollen from his activities. Jensen reached out and grabbed him by the shoulders, hauled him up, and smashed their mouths together in a fierce kiss, sucking the taste of himself from Jared’s mouth.

“That was amazing,” Jensen said breaking the kiss.

“That ain’t nuthin’ sugar.” He pulled from Jensen’s embrace. “On your knees, turn around,” Jared ordered, voice a warm husk that made Jensen’s toes curl.

It surprised Jensen, but it was what he was used to. Justin liked to fuck him from behind or missionary if it was a special occasion. He had hoped to be able to look into Jared's eyes when they fucked, but he'd take what he could get.

Jared’s soft hands smoothed across the expanse of Jensen’s back. “Freckles,” Jared whispered against the knob at the top of Jensen’s spine and dragged his tongue down the curve until he reached the crack of Jensen’s ass.

Jensen stopped breathing because Jared’s mouth was right there. “What are y—.” The rest of Jensen’s inquiry was lost in a bitten off curse. His eyes slammed shut, and his hands clenched in the sheets. His mouth fell open on a low moan as Jared went to work, licking and swirling hot circles around Jensen’s most private and sensitive flesh, changing directions from clockwise to counter-clockwise every so often.

“God, I cannot believe how good you taste,” he imparted before diving back between Jensen’s cheeks, eating him out with more fervor. The wet sounds of it reached Jensen’s ears, and he blushed all over. It was without a doubt the most forbidden, dirty, and mind-blowing thing he had ever experienced.

“Oh, Jared. Jared. Jared. Oh, please. Please, please, please,” he didn’t know what he was begging for only that he wanted more. He wanted everything.

His heartbeat thudded in his ears, louder as each second passed. It felt as though his blood was racing from every other part of his body to the spot where Jared was licking him, every nerve ending alive with exquisite pleasure. His head swam, and he felt dizzy, as if he might pass out, helpless but to moan louder and louder. How could anything feel so good? It had to be criminal; in a distant part of his brain he realized in certain areas it probably was.

He could feel every little thing Jared did with his tongue, every flick, every wiggle, every stroke and slide–. His wet tongue wriggled in a tight, insistent circle at his very center. A little pressure, and a wave of heat washed over Jensen’s entire body. It took him a moment for him to realize that Jared’s tongue was inside him.

Lord have mercy. Jensen didn’t think he would survive this night. Jared was going to kill him; a heart attack, shock, a stroke, or an aneurysm, maybe, but Jensen couldn’t think of a better way to go.

To Jensen’s utter disbelief Jared pulled away.

“Jared? What?” He whimper-whined, unashamed of his need.

“As much as I’d love to tongue fuck you ‘til you come, I don’t think that’s what you want, or even what you need.”

“I…” Jensen panted. Sweat dripped down from his temples and snaked down his back.”I don’t…. Jared.” His entire world had narrowed down to that one word, one name. Only Jared.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you? You need a good hard fuck. Don’t you, baby?”

“Yes, yes!” he shouted with abandon.

“Gorgeous.” The word twined around a throaty chuckle as Jared pressed his body across Jensen’s back and stretched a long arm out to the bedside table, opening the little drawer and fishing out a condom and tube of lube.

Jensen had a fraction of a second to marvel at how well their bodies seem to fit together, before Jared was gripping Jensen’s hips and turning him over onto his back, shoving his legs apart with his broad shoulders. He snatched up one of the pillows and shoved it under Jensen’s hips.

He gave Jensen a wink, popped the cap on the lube, and squeezed out some on his fingers. He circled Jensen’s hole, spreading the cool lube around before pushing in with one finger.

“Been awhile, baby?” Jared asked pumping his finger in and out, stroking over his insides, nudging against his prostate.

Jensen gave a little cry and nodded, shuddering as pleasure spread through him. It had been over a month since he and Justin had engaged any anything sexual, and that had just been a rushed handjob.

“Idiot,” Jared muttered with a head shake. Jensen didn’t ask what Jared meant, he knew.

A dozen or so more thrusts Jared pulled his finger out, applied more lube and pushed back in with two. A little more sting and stretch, but Jensen relished it. He moaned like a whore as it faded. He undulated his hips to pull them in deeper, hungry for more, for Jared’s cock to split him wide and fill him up.

He felt sexy and out of control. It was new and delicious, and he wanted to always feel this way during sex. This was how he should have been feeling. He couldn’t dwell on that, because Jared had three fingers in him now, brushing over Jensen’s sweet spot with every other thrust, driving him insane. His fingers worked Jensen to a fever pitch until he was begging, pleading, shamelessly for Jared to fuck him. The intensity of his desire startled even him.

Jared withdrew his fingers, hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his panties, and pulled them down below his heavy balls, freeing his cock; so thick and veined, oozing pre-come. Jensen bit his lip and moaned, torn between wanting it in his ass and wanting it in his mouth. He loved the taste and smell of cock, musky and salty. It had been so long since he had given a blow job, and a cock like Jared was packing was made to be worshipped.

He tore open the condom, squeezed some lube into it, before rolling the latex down his length. He raised one of Jensen’s legs up and rested an ankle over his shoulder, lined up his cock and pushed in. The pain was a brief, sweet burn that dissipated quickly and left only heat and pleasure in its wake. He took Jensen’s hands, pinned them at either side of his head, holding Jensen down. Their fingers slotted together, so they were connected nearly everywhere as Jared eased himself out of Jensen’s body in a slow sweet drag before pushing back in, setting up a lazy rhythm.

Jared pressed their foreheads together, eyes wide open and staring as their bodies moved together, giving and taking, covered in sweat. Jensen’s cock was hard again, and dripped pre-come onto his belly.

Jared’s eyes, wide with lust, held so many swirling emotions in their depths, desire and warmth, things Jensen wasn't used to seeing directed at him. He didn’t know what he was feeling, only that it was intimate to the extreme and frightening.

Something deep in Jensen’s soul cracked open, broke, and shattered into pieces. All of his adult life he thought the singers and writers of the world had made up the intensity of sex, but it was all true, like some secret club he had been uninitiated to until now. He felt cheated and angry, mostly at himself for entertaining the idea of settling with Justin. It was a hell of a time to have an epiphany, but there it was; he was unhappy, deeply unhappy and lost as how to go about changing his circumstances.

He willed it all away, and did as Jared instructed: gave himself over to the absolute pleasure of Jared’s lovemaking.

He arched, moaned, writhed, ran his hands all over Jared’s sweat-slick body, back, arms, chest. He gripped Jared's ass in his hands and squeezed, urging him to fuck harder, faster, deeper. He pulled Jared down into a deep kiss, devouring his mouth, biting his lips, and sucking on his tongue.

The tension building at the base of his spine grew faster, the need to come rising, his balls pulled tight to his body. He clung to Jared, fingers digging into hard muscle.

“Close, baby?” Jared purred, thrusts increasing in speed and intensity.

“Yes! Touch me! Touch me, make me come. Wanna come for you.”

Jared wrapped a hand around Jensen’s cock, barely got one stroke off before the tension inside him snapped, and he came hard, harder than the first time, with a guttural scream, pulsing hot and thick over Jared’s fist.

“So fuckin’ hot watchin’ you fall apart,” Jared’s voice was low, raw, and drenched in sex.

Jensen twitched with aftershocks, legs akimbo as Jared’s movements became rougher, more animalistic as the instinct to fuck and come took over. He never would have guessed beneath the makeup, heels, and panties was this…beast, this total Alpha male, and the juxtaposition was electrifying.

He gripped Jensen’s hips, drove in deeper, harder, three, four more thrusts, and he was coming with a shout, head thrown back surrendering to his orgasm. Jensen sighed, arched, and clenched his inner muscles around the hard flesh throbbing inside him.

After a few last shallow thrusts to ride out the aftershocks of his release, Jared collapsed onto Jensen with a rumble of pleasure. They breathed together, the air thick with sweat and sex. Jensen wanted to soak it in. He didn’t get the chance though. As he started to wrap his arms around Jared, the other man, pulled out without any warning, got up, and left the room. It wasn’t unexpected, but it still stung. Justin always ran to the shower after sex, said he didn’t want to go to sleep all sticky and sweaty, but now Jensen suspected that he wanted to wash off the shame he felt. He didn’t think that was the case with Jared. Jared had gotten what he wanted and left. Simple as that.

Except it wasn’t apparently, because he was back within moments, completely naked but for his fishnets, the condom disposed of, and holding a warm wet cloth. He cleaned the drying come off Jensen’s stomach and the lube from between his cheeks, careful, almost loving as he performed his task. Emotion swelled inside Jensen, and he thought he may start to cry. This stranger had given him more warmth, more affection, more caring, than his partner of six years. It overwhelmed and devastated him in a wholly new way. He could never have this again, never have it with Justin, and not with Jared, but he wanted it. He longed for it.

Jared tossed the cloth aside and climbed into bed. He gathered Jensen in his arms and held him close. They shifted for a few seconds, each searching for a comfortable position, and Jensen ended up with his head pillowed on Jared’s shoulder, their legs intertwined, Jared’s fingers carding through Jensen’s mussed hair, lips pressed to Jensen’s crown, as the fingers of his other hand trailed lightly up and down Jensen’s arm. In a way it was more intimate than the sex, and it shocked Jensen how good it felt to be held. It seemed like it should be awkward, but it wasn’t; it was quiet and comfortable as they settled into the warm afterglow. The house was quiet around them, the party well and truly over, guests either gone or asleep.

“That was…incredible,” Jensen said breaking the silence. Really though he didn’t have words to encapsulate everything he was feeling.

“I aim to please.”

Another couple of minutes ticked by, before Jensen spoke again, curiosity about the man he was sharing a bed with getting the better of him. “So, who are you when you’re not Ima Sogai and hosting wild parties?”

Jared sighed and went quiet for so long Jensen thought he shouldn’t have asked, pushed for more than amazing sex—that’s what this was supposed to be about anyway. Not getting to know one another on a deeper level. He was opening his mouth to apologize and tell Jared to forget about it when Jared answered.

“I’m Jared Padalecki.”

That stopped Jensen cold. He was in bed with the wealthiest, most eligible bachelor in Texas and possibly the entire US, heir to both the Padalecki oil fortune and the Kammer Cosmetics empire.

He was tempted to call bullshit, but he had seen pictures of Jared from time to time in the paper, usually in a suit and tie with his hair conservatively combed.“What are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?”

“The house is mine, been in the family for generations. I like to invite some friends and cut loose every now and then.” He paused as if waiting for Jensen to say something. When Jensen remained quiet, Jared continued. “This is supposed to be the part where you ask me why I do drag.”

Jensen shrugged. “Because it’s fun and you like it?” Justin would need something more psychologically deep and profound but not Jensen. He understood doing a thing for the pleasure it gave you. For Justin things needed a motive, an endgame.

“Exactly. It’s hard being Jared Padalecki all the time.” Jared’s voice was slow and heavy with sleep. “Drag gives me an escape.”

Jensen could understand that. “I do have one question, actually.”

“Shoot, darlin’.”

Jensen’s own eyes were drooping, but there was one thing he had to know. “How do you walk in those heels?”

Jared held him closer and burst into roars of laughter.

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